Classic Wedding Cake Stand Decoration: 10 Tips and Tricks

The days leading up to the wedding day are always busy, no matter how hard you try to respect the pre-planned schedule. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, one thing you’d not want to take on yourself is the wedding cake. Even if you are a professional baker, you will be too involved with the last-minute details to take on this responsibility.

Thanks to affordable catering in San Diego, you can lift this burden off your shoulders!

Of course, when you’re paying for a beautiful wedding cake, you want it to display in a beautiful setting, so it looks amazing in photos. To accomplish this, you will need a wedding cake stand that matches the caliber of the cake itself!

We understand that a wedding cake stand may sound like a minor detail and one that can be skipped over. But this is your wedding day we’re talking about! Every small decoration provides the opportunity to stand out. Going an extra mile will only make the memories more unforgettable.

Now, of course, you can look into different wedding packages for a solution that includes a premade stand. But if you love the idea of a DIY wedding cake stand, this guide is going to make things easier for you!

Dive in to take notes of some tips and tricks for decorating a classic wedding cake stand.

1.   Sprinkle Some Glitter

Who doesn’t appreciate glam and glitter at weddings?

If you’re someone who loves sparkles on special occasions, this trick is so YOU! Make your wedding cake look even more stunning with a glittery cake stand.

All you have to do is to cover and dress the cake stand in golden or silver glitter (whatever works with your wedding cake’s theme) from top to bottom and voila! Your wedding cake will be the most picture-perfect item on the table!

2. Grab a Brush and Paints

Of course, you can always play the role of artist for your wedding if you have amazing painting skills!

Before you start working your magic, make sure you have picked the right shades to compliment your wedding cake and have a specific painting pattern in mind. Go for the colors that enhance the whole look of the cake instead of making the presentation less vibrant.

3. Decorated Glass Stand

One of the best classic cake stand looks has to feature decorated glass. This thin, clear glass creates a beautiful effect while not stealing the thunder of the wedding cake.

If you like to keep it simple and classy, you should definitely go for a patterned glass stand – or if the glass is plain, you may simply decorate it with glass paints!

4. Use a Metallic Spray Paint

The metallic spray look never gets old when it comes to decorating a classic wedding cake stand.

A gold spray can take the appearance of a plain, wooden cake stand to a whole new level in just a few minutes! If you want the guests’ eyes to be on the wedding cake, with a sophisticated cake stand underneath, this simple trick will work wonders for you!

5. Make It Fun with Colorful Sprinkles

The wedding cake of a high energy couple can’t be boring! Spice it up by covering the cake stand with sprinkles in your favorite colors.

Not only is this a fun-filled activity you can do together, but it will also make for a stunning wedding cake stand that all your friends are sure to love!

6. Get Creative with Pom-Poms!

Pom-poms may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of decorating items for a wedding cake stand, but trust us when we say that they look super adorable!

Make sure you pick a plain white stand that allows you to add a playful spin by attaching cute-colored pom-poms. Pastel colors look really nice on a white stand but you’ll obviously have to consider your wedding theme to decide on which hues to incorporate.

7. Create a Royal Look with Glass Beads

In case a simple glass cake stand is not enough to reflect your gleaming personality, you can go the extra mile and decorate it with glass beads.

Shiny, translucent glass beads can make even the most traditional cake stand to look like a royal affair! And not to mention, the pictures of the wedding cake will pick up every detail.

8. Work with Ribbons

Decorating with ribbons is the ultimate way of bringing out your creativity while preparing a gorgeous wedding cake stand.

It’s important to work with the right colors, or else it runs the risk of looking like a birthday party. And don’t go overboard – you’ll ruin the whole look! Go for those silk-material ribbons rather than the paper ones to give a sophisticated look.

9. Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Flowers and weddings have a pair perfectly together, which is why flowers work so well in decorating a wedding cake stand.

Place a bunch of fresh flowers at one side or make a chain of flowers to lace the edges of each tier. Again, pick the colors smartly to bring out the beauty of the wedding cake.

10. Use Small Mirror Pieces

Decorating a wedding cake stand with mirrors will make your wedding cake stand out.

Just ensure that you use the right kind of glue that keeps the mirror pieces in place without looking messy. Also, using mirror pieces that are too large is a big NO! For a classy look, go with smaller pieces that are shaped like diamonds.

With these awesome tips and tricks for decorating a classic wedding cake stand, you’re all set to create an eye-catching, picture-worthy look. The gourmet wedding cake you had made by an affordable catering service deserves to be placed on an equally stunning cake stand. And with the ideas you’ve just read, you can make it all possible!

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