Creative Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Wedding favors are an essential part of the wedding planning process. But, it can be difficult to find the right little gifts to give to your guests at the end of the celebration. The following are some of the favor inspiration ideas that you can take into account.

Cultural Favors

In order to pay homage to your beginning, offer your guests an item which they would get if they had gone to a wedding in your childhood country. For Italian and Green weddings, consider Jordan Almonds. Traditional Jewish favors include mini blessing books or benchers

Profession-Related Favors

A well-timed and smart play on words can either break or make any wedding favor. Try to brainstorm favors which could have an attention-grabbing phrase. Focus on giving your wedding guests the gift of a hearty laugh if you both are in the entertainment or mass communication industry.

Also, personalized pencils that have your names and the date of your wedding are perfect favors from at teacher. If you or your spouse is a chef, it’s a good idea to give away a packet of spices. There are many personalized scrubs offered by a doctor or nurse couple.

Interest or Hobby- Related Favors

If you two a music fans, a nice little guitar can be a nice pick. If you like gardening, consider seed packets or small pouches of trail mix if you are into hiking nuts. If you are both eco-friendly, local saplings that have personalized planting directions will certainly make everyone happy including Mother Earth.

What about if you just don’t want glitzy favors? Go rustic. This can’t hurt anyone. Actually, it looks pretty nice.

Play Off the Season

Small bouquets of flowers make a nice spring wedding favor. In the summer, you can hand out popsicles to your guests as they leave the venue. Homemade jams are truly the best favor in the fall.

Let your Guests Go Wild in the Dance Floor

If you already  have an idea that all or most of your guests will be getting heating up the dance floor, a good set of dancing shoes are just perfect for women. Surely, they will thank you as they take the favors on a tropical holiday.

Giving Donations

Choose a charity that is close to your heart and then donate to them in lieu of favors. This is becoming a famous favor ideas for grooms and brides usually conveyed to guests by putting little cards on each table’s center.

Some Rules to Consider

  • You have the option to do a single favor for every couple. Unless you want to put individual favors at your place-settings, this is a good suggestion.
  • Prepare some sweet treats. Usually, some your guests may be hungry later in the night so a candy or cookie is always a great treat.
  • Use your place-card for double favors- You probably prefer to offer a nice frame as a gift. This can be used for guiding your guests to their seat on the day of the wedding.

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