Delicious Stone-baked Pizza and Wedding Catering

If you’re planning the menu for the biggest day of your life, stone-baked pizza is a great and delicious food item to consider. Not only is pizza extremely easy to serve, but it also appeals to many people. People of all ages love pizza, young children included. Pizza doesn’t have to be your standard cheese-and-tomato sauce event, either. There are all sorts of exciting and delectable toppings you can add to pizza. Examples of popular pizza toppings include vegetables (olives, peppers and onions), pineapple, pepperoni, sausage and anchovies. You can make a pizza as simple or as complex as you like. Stone-baked pizza specifically has a crisp, hearty taste that’s sure to fill up your guests.

Weddings are extremely busy times for people. If you’re getting married, you probably won’t want to handle food preparations by yourself. You’ll be far too busy taking care of everything else. This is where catering companies come in handy. When you’re searching catering companies to prepare and serve pizza on your big day, consider looking for businesses that specialize in Italian cuisine. Many Italian catering businesses specialize in stone-baked pizza. Some of them serve pizza exclusively, too. Alternatively if you are looking to combine pizza with other types of food you can opt for an all rounder or someone who specialises in other types of food, you can find hog roast caterers that also offer pizza catering, the advantage of this being you can have variety,

Get an idea of your guests before organising your pizzas

Before you make any final decisions about hiring a pizza catering company to provide the food for your wedding, make sure you’re aware of your guests’ various dining preferences. If there will be a lot of small children in attendance at your wedding, you might want to make sure you have plain cheese or pepperoni pizza available to them. Young children are often fussy about what they eat, after all. If many of the guests on your wedding invite list are strict vegetarians, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of pizza options that are completely free of any types of meat. It’s also a smart and considerate idea to think about people who have health needs that call for gluten-free foods. Thankfully, many pizza catering companies offer gluten-free pizzas. Once you know exactly what you need, speak to your selected catering company and make sure the staff members fully understand what’s expected of them.

Planning for catering involves a lot of organization. Make sure your catering company knows exactly how many people they’ll be feeding at your wedding dinner. This will help them determine exactly how many stone-baked pizzas they need to prepare. The last thing you want is to run out of food during your wedding. Also think about whether or not you want any other foods on your menu. Many Italian catering businesses make other casual foods that work well with pizza meals. Some examples of these foods include salad, bread and Italian sandwiches.

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