Fun and Original Wedding Gift Ideas

We have all been there. We get a wedding invitation and they don’t have a registry or a list of things they want. Most people will fly by ear in this situation, typically going with a kitchen or bedroom appliance. If you have received a wedding invitation and have no idea what to get the lucky bride and groom then you will benefit from reading this quick and easy list of suggestions.


If the couple to be wed is moving into a house shortly after the wedding they may be in desperate need of furniture for their new marital housing. Websites like can be a great place to start. A solid couch or ottoman can be great for a casual couple. If the pair is more interior design driven consider a solid piece of wood furniture such as a cedar chest or a nice table and dining set. Regardless of the couple getting married a good piece of furniture is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

A robotic vacuum cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner can be a great wedding gift. These hand y devices cit on their docking stations until they are activated by the user. From there they use a laser system to navigate around all the floors in the house and slowly and methodically sweep up dirt. While they aren’t good for huge dirt clods small piles of dust and debris are swept up with relative ease. When they are finished they return to their docking stations to charge and wait to clean again. They can also be set to clean while you are away at work or at home asleep, so you never have to see it or work around it while it is sweeping, you simply come home to clean floors without ever having to think about it. A quick google search for a roomba or other comparable robotic vacuum cleaner should get you well on your way to buying the perfect gift for the couple getting married. You can rest assured their first fight will not be over dirty floors with this thoughtful present!

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